Movement Bodywork
Form, Strength, Foundation, Structure, Movement


“Having fibromyalgia, massage often leaves me sore. This felt highly effective.” – Itai D.


“Sam was such a great presence to have working on my back!” – Alexa J.


“Shoulder work was amazing. Doesn't feel like a 50 year old shoulder anymore. God Bless you Sam!” – Gwen F.


“Very Effective” – Jason H.


“Sam's methodical working of muscles group and confident, assuring techniques... spot on.” – Ben H.


“Deep tissue was on point. I felt much relief! Thanks.” – Ryda T.


“Sam found area of my body that needed work that I didn't even realize as first.” – Jamie M.


“I can breathe! I have had issues with my breathing for years and have never been able to have it corrected. I feel now that I can almost take a full breath.” – Sarah M.

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